Aaron Young Abbotsford

SuperChunk Basstrap

Take care of your first reflection points with these easy to build wall panels which have absorbtion coeficients that rival some of the top commercial products.

Vocal Booth/Drum Baffles

6.75' tall by 4' wide hinged baffles. Perfect for use as a vocal booth, recording cave, or simply spread them throughout your space to aid in creating a flatter, reflection-free environment.

DS1 Mod

Looking to change up your Boss DS-1 up a bit? Make it have more of a vintage-style distortion. It's not a tone for everyone, but makes a good box for Reamping vocals, bass, drum busses etc.

SuperChunk Basstrap

Tame your low frequency listening or recording environment with these easy to build basstraps. To increase the absorbtion of bass frequencies, you may make them 4' x 4' x 8'.

19 Inch Studio Rack

Since custom built studio furniture can have quite a price tag, I decided to build my own. The obvious benefit here is that you can design it anyway you want.