Tutorial: ProTools Elastic Audio Trick

Posted: 18th September 2012 by Aaron in Editing, Tutorials

This is a technique I was shown a few years ago, and it is really handy when editing a single track such as a bass or vocal line.  I should note that this is not a full tutorial on how to edit with Elastic Audio… so if this is what you were looking for, you will have to look elsewhere.  However, I highly suggest you read the post anyways – it will greatly speed up your editing time.

First of all, have your track you want to fuck with open in the Edit window in front of you – for our purposes it will be a bass DI track.  Enable Elastic Audio (Monophonic), duplicate the track, and then group the two tracks together – I generally make a group called “Edit Group” and move tracks in/out of that group while editing different tracks. Now, while pressing Ctrl go to the Waveform drop-down and select Warp for the top track and Analysis for the bottom track (you may also do this by disengaging the Edit Group temporarily).  You now have a setup in which one track will affect the other.

Why is this so special? Because you can see the analysis and warp markers at the same time instead of switching back and forth!  Your main track is the top one, in which you can edit with the warp markers as usual, but now, anytime you need to remove/add/move an analysis marker it is directly below the warp marker!

Try it.

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