Color Outside The Lines (Drums)

Posted: 12th September 2012 by Aaron in Van Howes Studios

This setup is in fact the one we used on the album version of Color Outside The Lines  (The Show Must Go – 2010 – Hedley).  Some elements are similar to “For The Night’s I Can’t Remember”…

  • Kick In: 441 in hole, pointed @ the beater
  • Kick Out: FET47 (end of kick enclosed with a packing blanket draped over 2 mic stands to stop bleed)
  • Snare:  SM57 top and bottom
  • Toms: 421 top & SM57 bottom wired with a phase-inverted Y-cable to a single channel
  • Hats: SM7
  • Ride: Vintage 451
  • Overheads: C451B’s in XY
  • Rooms: Korby KAT System in XY – one right side up, one inverted, both taped together at the seam.  This setup was placed just outside the opening for the drum baffle semi-circle.
  • Mono Close: AEA R44 ribbon above rack tom (placed slightly towards floor tom) and angled towards the snare
  • Mono Far: Wunder Audio CM7 by studio door (entrance)


Their reference song for the drum sound was Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

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