Drum Tracking: Day 1 & 2

Posted: 10th September 2012 by Aaron in Session Updates

So we had a weekend of drum tracking at Aurora Studios Co.  It went very well.  The acoustics of the live room are pretty good with the 3 mobile baffles in a semi-circle around the kit and the Roxul Safe’n'Sound in the ceiling.  At first glance, Nathan thought the room would be quite live sounding with some of the features present in the room, however, he was pleasantly surprised. The final setup was as follows:

  1. Kick – Beta 52A
  2. Snare Top – SM57
  3. Snare Btm – C451B
  4. Rack – 421
  5. Floor – EV Raven
  6. Overheads – Rode NT5′s
  7. Room – 2050

The only improvement could have came from having some new heads on the snare drum as it was a little bit lacking in the high frequencies, so there may be a sample added underneath to spice it up a bit.  As for the TG2 preamp, it performed excellently!  The cymbals came through amazingly well, lush and not harsh at all.  Can’t wait to use that thing with a 57 and 421 with summing turned on.  As for the session, time for some drum editing!


Day 1:

Day 2:

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